Best Comment – This Just-in

Even in the combative, crazy comment section of  some controversial Main Stream media spin cycle,  one occasionally runs across truly great wit.  In this case, the soup du jour was about our PM, Justin (Instagram) Trudeau’s latest push to ram the Canadian Carbon Tax agenda on the Provinces and spin the  associated Tax as a constructive offset to the 30 Billion +/-  he’s already added and handed off to the Country’s National debt in his single outing so far.

A clearly intelligent and humorous individual with a nom de plume (or perhaps real name) –  ‘Penny Labrecque’ posted this in the comment section of the article re Justin’s Decree:

“Seeing they’re comparing him to the ‘boyfriend’, I think he’s more like a ‘nightmarish’ one-night stand. He makes a grand entrance into the bar, buys you a drink, throws every line in the book at you until he sweeps you off your feet. Gets you to bring him back to your place, and when you wake up the next morning, you feel used, he’s gone and so is your purse and wallet.”

Too funny Penny.  In this world of typically angry Social Media hits, You should become famous for all the right reasons. You get  the Old Man’s vote today.

the old man from ‘The Far Side’