Here’s to a Healthy Ego in a balanced world

Eso-Egoic Principles are designed to help manage your ego in a way that allows for spiritual awakening and connection with a multidimensional life. They include:

  1. Self-Awareness – Promotes understanding of one’s true values and goals, allowing for connection to a higher purpose and proper direction of energy.
  2. Compassion – Encourages an appreciation for the larger picture of life and instills humility in recognizing our interconnectedness with each other and the universe.
  3. Acceptance – Removes judgment on yourself or others, allowing individuals to be authentic without fear or prejudice.
  4. Detachment – Allows us to be present with what is happening without letting outside influences hinder decision-making process.
  5. Balance – Guidance in maintaining the connection with both inner values as well as outer circumstances, promoting harmony between both worlds.
  6. Courage – Necessary when taking decisions or following through with action despite fear or apprehension.
  7. Transformation – Involves evolving into a better version of oneself by transcending any limiting beliefs or patterns that may have been developed over time, leading to more clarity and awareness in all areas of life.
  • Each principle helps promote a healthy spiritual ego by encouraging greater self-awareness so we can understand our true values and goals, cultivate compassion for ourselves and others so:
  • We can accept those around us without judgment, maintain the balance between inner values and outer circumstances while staying brave in the face of opposition or fear, and:
  • Ultimately strive towards transformation into better versions of ourselves supported by clarity on all levels so we can move forward towards our highest potentials.

                                      -full credit to  ModernGalaxy